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Radio Interview Corona virus – Neil Tetley

In today’s Radio Lifestyle corona virus story Abi Lindsay Clark interviews the principal of the prestigious Hastings school in Madrid, Neil Tetley.  Neil tells us all about his successful school, their new campus for 14 to 18-year olds, Hastings school Nexus and how they have been managing the corona virus situation from an educational point of view.

As we will soon be moving on from the corona stories series, if you have an interesting story to tell then please don´t hesitate to contact Abi Lindsay Clark at

Radio Interview Corona virus – Andrew Hipkins

Abi Lindsay Clark returns with another Corona Stories interview for Radio Lifestyle.  Today she has the pleasure of interviewing Andrew Hipkins, a British man who recently went through a tough time with his health, but sings the praises of his experience in an HM hospital here in Madrid.  He tells us his corona virus story.

We will soon be moving on from the Corona stories series and starting a new range of interviews and programmes so if you still have a story you feel is really important to tell then please contact Abi Lindsay Clark at

Radio Interview Corona virus – Julia Pozas

We are back with another interview about the corona stories.  Today Abi Lindsay Clark interviews Julia Pozas, a paediatric nurse, who works at a clinic in Leganes, Madrid.  Julia volunteered at Ifema at the height of the pandemic and she tells us what it was really like to be on the front line!

Radio Interview Corona Virus – Rachael Nobbs

Another programme from our series of interviews for ‘The corona stories’, where people tell us their experiences during these corona times. 

Abi Lindsay Clark interviews singer songwriter Rachael Nobbs about her music, her band ‘Indigo Days’ and her experience in her shared flat and workspace during this time of lockdown. We also have the opportunity to listen to the band’s latest single which definitely sounds like it has the chance to be a very successful one!

Rachael Nobbs
Radio Interview Corona Virus – Enda & Maria

Abi Lindsay Clark is back with another interview for Radio Lifestyle’s  ‘The corona stories.’ In this programme Abi interviews Enda and María, the team behind El Arpa who share their experience of the quarantine and their projects which have kept them positive during these challenging corona times, which we are currently living.

Over the next few days we will be hearing from more people about their time during lockdown and if you have a Corona story to tell then please contact

Enda & Maria
Radio Interview Corona virus – Carmen Borrue Fernandez

Madrid – Radio Lifestyle’s Abi Lindsay Clark returns with another of the series of programmes ‘The corona stories.’ Where people tell us their experiences during the lockdown.  In this programme Abi interviews Carmen Borrue Fernandez who is a Neurologist at the Infanta Sofia hospital in San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid.  Her role at the hospital has changed dramatically since the start of the pandemic and Carmen has two sides of the corona story to tell us.

Carmen Borrue Fernandez
Carmen Borrue Fernandez
Radio Interview Corona virus – Dominique White

Madrid – Radio Lifestyle´s Abi Lindsay Clark presents the first of a series of interviews about the corona virus, ‘The corona stories.’  Everyone has their own story to tell about their individual experience, some having been in the thick of it and others with stories of their time in their homes during the lockdown.  In this first programme Abi interviews long term resident Dominique White about her experience with suffering the corona virus.

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting numerous interviews.  People with all sorts of different stories tell us their experiences during these complicated times.  Abi will be interviewing a doctor, a psychologist, a musician, to mention a few…

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Dominique White

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