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Radio Interview Will Stoddart

Radio Lifestyle´s Abi Lindsay Clark returns with another programme and today she interviews Will Stoddart the co founder of Melio a British company whose first market is in Spain soon to be followed with a setup in the UK. Melio opened its doors here in Madrid in October last year offering convenient, frequent health testing to the general public.

Will is not a doctor but in 2007, living in Sweden with his wife and small daughter their lives suddenly changed dramatically. On a Wednesday his wife went in for a scan due to headaches and on the Thursday, she was on an operating table to remove a tumour. It was during the following 3 years while receiving healthcare, when William realised how terrible the journey was for everyone. His wife sadly lost her battle in 2010 just after the birth of their son.

This made him realise that he could do something to help and in 2011 he set up a data analytics company with his twin brother helping people who used Jawbones to interpret the data and answer questions such as ‘If I stop drinking coffee, do I sleep better?’ They later realised that with blood testing they could be more accurate and so, 4 of them including a specialist doctor set up a Stockholm based consumer healthcare company. William explained how in Sweden at the time you had to explain your symptoms and then you might get a blood test based only on those. There was no access to new diagnostics and ranges of tests unless you went private and at great expensive.  They tested over 100,000 customers and a huge 80% of these had some form of health problem.

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Radio Interview Ryan Day

In today’s programme Abi Lindsay Clark interviews the American entrepreneur and professor Ryan Day. He tells us about his Grupo Bang Bang and its various projects, which he first started back in 2012 with his Spanish wife Claudia Ruiz.  They currently have 3 different establishments here in Madrid.  He tells us all about their gastronomy, how Grupo Bang Bang came about and their desire to introduce the real American gastronomy to Spain.  He also tells us about their exciting craft beer and how beer is a whole culture to be discovered just as wonderful and fascinating as the wine world for many!  How has the Covid crisis affected their business and the restaurant sector as a whole? You can see all the information about their establishments on

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Music Life Radio interview Alex Lebron

During the quarantine period, a wonderful moment of human connection through the magic of music sparked off when a pianist started to play on his balcony and suddenly a multi talented instrumentalist joined him by playing his sweet saxophone. It was, then, when the streets of Barcelona became a huge stage, with the spotlight on both artists’ balconies, so they could feel the warmth and the excitement of their new and unexpected audience who clapped loudly with the reverb of their music all around. Eventually the video went viral and really successful because of its authenticity. From then on, our second guest went through the ripple effect when his life transformed completely.

In this interview you will have the chance to meet the sax player Alex Lebron Torrent  born in Cali (Colombia) but with an international background that goes from Sweden to the United States and Spain. He is an interesting musician, actor and model with a life full of interesting facts that have shaped his music and who he is now. It is really worth discovering the fascinating adventures of his life in this fantastic journey throughout his life

Enjoy the interview!

Music Life Radio interview Garrett Wall

Welcome to the first programme of “MUSIC LIFE” hosted by Fernando Prieto, a passionate musician who will interview different musicians in an informal chat format. On this first programme Garrett Wall has the “honour” of being his first guest!

He’s an Irish singer/songwriter who left Ireland and came to Spain for personal reasons and started off his musical career. You will find out in the interview that he is a very versatile professional with different “hats” or personalities and he is always involved in different, varied and interesting projects!

However, his main project is with the band called Track Dogs, who are celebrating 15 years together! Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has forced them to postpone their anniversary tour, but meanwhile they haven’t stopped writing songs inspired by the lockdown situation. The result of this is their latest release called “At a time like this” an arpeggio-based acoustic ballad that includes a fantastic video

So let’s enjoy the interview with this fantastic musician who has a lot of music history to offer us!!

Radio Interview Corona virus Carla Palafox

In today’s programme Abi Lindsay Clark interviews Carla Palafox a psychologist who´s aim in this programme is to guide and give advice to people suffering from the different aspects of these Corona virus times. This highly experienced half German half Spanish Psychologist who studied in both countries and since has years of experience in her field, offers us plenty of information which will certainly benefit many listeners!

We talk about lots of different aspects.  We address the fear of the whole experience, the difficulties of lockdown and not being allowed to go out, how this has been so challenging for both adults and children. The feelings of uncertainties when we finally entered fase 0 and could go out for short walks.  The effects of modern technologies in the children´s everyday corona lives. We also look at how to deal with tragic loss which many have had to deal with. A programme which will hopefully help many people!

Radio lifestyle is growing and over the next few weeks we will be embarking on a huge selection of different types of programmes.  We will have our programme, ‘Music life’, interviews with all sorts of musicians and people from the music world. ‘Eventful life’, Looking at the latest events happening in Madrid and all of Spain, anything from cultural events, concerts etc. ‘Sports Life’, the latest information from the sports world. ‘Food life’, interviews with Michelin star chefs, new restaurant openings, gastronomic events of all kinds. ‘Museum life’, the latest from the museums both here in Madrid and all over Spain.  ‘Fashion life’, taking a look at the fashion world and fashion events taking place in Spain. ‘Healthy life’, our doctor covers all aspects of health and how to life a healthier, happier life. ‘Travel life’, Where to go for your next holidays albeit a Spanish mini break or a long haul expedition to the other side of the world….

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Radio Interview Corona virus – Neil Tetley

In today’s Radio Lifestyle corona virus story Abi Lindsay Clark interviews the principal of the prestigious Hastings school in Madrid, Neil Tetley.  Neil tells us all about his successful school, their new campus for 14 to 18-year olds, Hastings school Nexus and how they have been managing the corona virus situation from an educational point of view.

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Radio Interview Corona virus – Andrew Hipkins

Abi Lindsay Clark returns with another Corona Stories interview for Radio Lifestyle.  Today she has the pleasure of interviewing Andrew Hipkins, a British man who recently went through a tough time with his health, but sings the praises of his experience in an HM hospital here in Madrid.  He tells us his corona virus story.

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Radio Interview Corona virus – Julia Pozas

We are back with another interview about the corona stories.  Today Abi Lindsay Clark interviews Julia Pozas, a paediatric nurse, who works at a clinic in Leganes, Madrid.  Julia volunteered at Ifema at the height of the pandemic and she tells us what it was really like to be on the front line!

Radio Interview Corona Virus – Rachael Nobbs

Another programme from our series of interviews for ‘The corona stories’, where people tell us their experiences during these corona times. 

Abi Lindsay Clark interviews singer songwriter Rachael Nobbs about her music, her band ‘Indigo Days’ and her experience in her shared flat and workspace during this time of lockdown. We also have the opportunity to listen to the band’s latest single which definitely sounds like it has the chance to be a very successful one!

Rachael Nobbs
Radio Interview Corona Virus – Enda & Maria

Abi Lindsay Clark is back with another interview for Radio Lifestyle’s  ‘The corona stories.’ In this programme Abi interviews Enda and María, the team behind El Arpa who share their experience of the quarantine and their projects which have kept them positive during these challenging corona times, which we are currently living.

Over the next few days we will be hearing from more people about their time during lockdown and if you have a Corona story to tell then please contact

Enda & Maria
Radio Interview Corona virus – Carmen Borrue Fernandez

Madrid – Radio Lifestyle’s Abi Lindsay Clark returns with another of the series of programmes ‘The corona stories.’ Where people tell us their experiences during the lockdown.  In this programme Abi interviews Carmen Borrue Fernandez who is a Neurologist at the Infanta Sofia hospital in San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid.  Her role at the hospital has changed dramatically since the start of the pandemic and Carmen has two sides of the corona story to tell us.

Carmen Borrue Fernandez
Carmen Borrue Fernandez
Radio Interview Corona virus – Dominique White

Madrid – Radio Lifestyle´s Abi Lindsay Clark presents the first of a series of interviews about the corona virus, ‘The corona stories.’  Everyone has their own story to tell about their individual experience, some having been in the thick of it and others with stories of their time in their homes during the lockdown.  In this first programme Abi interviews long term resident Dominique White about her experience with suffering the corona virus.

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting numerous interviews.  People with all sorts of different stories tell us their experiences during these complicated times.  Abi will be interviewing a doctor, a psychologist, a musician, to mention a few…

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Dominique White

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