Glen Hansard & Tiffany Murray

Ann Bateson interviews singer songwriter Glen Hansard who played in Madrid in 2019. Glen’s probably best known as the lead singer with the Irish band The Frames.  But he also starred in an award-winning Irish film called “Once” which is about street buskers in Dublin.  And Glen only won the Oscar for Best Original Song for a song he co-wrote which is on the soundtrack to that film.  The song’s called “Falling Slowly”. 

Included in this podcast is a seasonal interview with British author Tiffany Murray about her novel Sugar Hall: A Ghost Story .  Sugar Hall’s based on stories Tiffany heard in the playground when she was a “knock-kneed girl”. 

Apparently she heard about a ghost who haunted and continues to haunt Littledean Hall in the Forest of Dean in England.  And get this…the ghost in Sugar Hall actually has a presence in Tiffany’s life!  Sugar Hall is described as a “’A beautiful and haunting book” by author Sarah Winman.

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